Phoenix Masquerade Mask Midnight Armour Unisex


Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to be the best person you could be? Wearing this Phoenix Masquerade Mask allows you to become a whole new you for the night, maybe for the rest of your life. Burn your old self to ashes, emerge and rise! Make best choices. It’s never too late. Start now.

The craftsmanship of this mask is unparalleled. It is made from 14 pieces, each shaped meticulously by hand, to perfection. Each of our pieces is carefully “Metal Stapled” and epoxied together, with the exception of our Masquerade Masks which are carefully wire wrapped together with a thinner wire, over and over again. This creates a piece with our trademark integrity, but adds an extra element of flexibility, for a perfect fit every time! Each piece is joined to the next until finally, as with all of Lisa Kelleher Jewellery’s pieces, it is embellished with crystals by Swarovski – over 100 of them!  Genuine silk ties do the job of keeping this unbelievably lightweight, form fitting mask resting comfortably on your face. The Focal Metal wire is soft enough to bend into the intricate shapes for this magnificent stylized bird, yet strong enough to keep its shape with your gentle handling. With so many colour combination options, you can perfectly match your masquerade or wedding outfit.

This Phoenix Masquerade Mask is one of our most desired pieces, but don’t just take our word for it! The short picture tutorial of “DIY: How To Make A Filigree Wire Phoenix Masquerade Mask” is posted on Pinterest, and is our most pinned image!

Added Benefit: For this piece you can choose up to 7 Focal Metal Colours to make a combination uniquely you! Choose Mystique Mix from the Focal Metal Colour dropdown menu below, then enter your choices in the Mystique Mix text box below.

Shown made with Midnight Focal Metal and Crystals by Swarovski from the Armour Mood Board.

All of our pieces that can be, are automatically made adjustable to fit anyone! And as with all our Accessories and Jewellery, a Phoenix can be:

  • Made into Earrings, a Necklace, a Brooch, an Armband, a Bracelet, a Ring Bracelet, a Fashion Ring, an Anklet or Footless Sandals or more! If you click on this link and you don’t find what you are looking for, Contact Us, and we’ll be happy to make it for you, no extra charge!
  • Incorporated into a modified style of almost any of our multi-component accessories! Visit our Custom Creations page for more info!
  • Customised! Change the colour of the Focal Metal, the Metal Accents and the Crystals by Swarovski using the dropdown menus below. Visit our Colour Charts page for more info. Or you can leave the decision making up to us if you like! We have a default Metal Accent and Crystal colour scheme to match each Focal Metal Colour. Defaults for each Focal Metal Colour can be found here.

To customise, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. ALWAYS choose a Focal Metal Colour. Fantasy Focal Metal Colours only available on certain products.
  2. Choose a Metal Accent – Gilded (no extra charge) or Lifetime Enjoyment (+$$$). (Option not available on all items.)
  3. Choose ONLY ONE Crystals by Swarovski colour theme from either the Pure Colours, Mood Boards, or Birthstones and add Birthstone Months ONLY if you would like to represent more than one Birthstone on this piece.

And don’t be too stressed out about this, we are REAL PEOPLE behind this website, and we will BE IN TOUCH with you before sending to make sure everything is just the way you like it!


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