Floral Subscriptions for the Senses ~ Buy 6 In Advance Get 20% Off


Choose from 3 different styles of bouquets:

  1. Empower Wellness – powerful designs amplify your affirmations with their strong statement of beauty.
  2. Aromatherapy on Repeat – delight your senses with the delicate and rich fragrances of flowers, and herbs with heaven scents.
  3. Law of Attraction – colour themed spiral bouquets can help connect outcomes with optimism.

Small – $30.00 ea.
Medium – $50.00 ea.
Large – $75.00 ea.
Full Size – $125.00 ea.
Wowza – $175.00 ea.
Epic – $250.00 ea.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and we will pro-rate what we’ve already sent (less your discount), and refund you for any remaining balance.

Flower selection will be based on seasonal availability.

Choose the date of the first delivery and frequency of subsequent deliveries below.

Floral pictures are style guides only, and this season, you can leave the details up to us!

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