Graceful Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant ~ Easy Care


This potted Phalaenopsis Orchid comes in a rainbow of colours – allow us to choose the loveliest one for you. All our orchids are adorned with natural botanicals and a fabric bow.

These graceful flowers can last for weeks, and the green plant will live for years.

Water it sparingly, once a week. Inside the ceramic pot that the orchid is in, under the plastic pot that holds the bark/coconut husk matrix that holds the plant in, there is a small space. This space is a reservoir to hold any excess water, as most orchid roots don’t like to stay wet, they just like a caress of water. This water can be discarded, to avoid having the plant sit in water. The roots are what look like relatively thick greyish green ropes, and shouldn’t be cut off.

They like humidity and filtered sunlight, not direct sunlight, and always keep indoor plants and cut flowers away from any heat sources and cold drafts.

When the flower blooms die off, if you cut the dark green flower stem just on top of the node where the lowest or second lowest bloom was, it’s possible it will send out another flower spike from that node.

As your flower spikes die, the spikes will go from glossy dark green to anaemic yellow. At that point, the spikes can be lopped off at the base, and the support dowels removed.

Phalaenopsis orchids originate in a tropical jungle climate. Typically, they use their roots to cling to the sides of trees, and their flower spikes would cascade downward from the plant.

After being forced to flower in the greenhouse, there can be quite a long dormancy period. The plant will likely rest for even up to a year, but once it starts to flower again, you can expect it to flower regularly, with the blossoms lasting for weeks or even months.

Continue regular watering during all phases of plant growth, blooming, and resting.


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