Winter Solstice ~ Icy White Flowers With Fabulous “Faden” Quartz


A frosty white arrangement with a natural clear quartz and seasonal accents. Radiate peace and healing during these challenging times.

The quartz we have chosen as a focal of this arrangement is an exquisite “Faden” quartz cluster. Faden Quartz occurs in a cleavage between two existing rock formations. Initially, this tiny Quartz deposit is a gap-filled vein that has crystals connecting to both sides of the metamorphic rocks. Over an extremely long period of time, if two rocks separate, it gives the Quartz an opportunity to continue crystallizing. This slow stretching of the Quartz crystals results in a “string” like effect (that can be seen in high-quality pieces). A secondary layer of Quartz then grows on top of this initial “Quartz string” and crystallizes over it.

Faden Quartz are some of the oldest Quartz that we have uncovered as a collective society. The nucleus of Faden Quartz is extremely pure and filled with un-replicable ancient Earth energies encapsulated within its core Quartz structure.

The additional crystalline Quartz layer over the original “Quartz String” captures a period of earth’s growth cycle over millions of years. Imagine this crystalline outer shell as our own physical body, the thread our connection to Earth.

These Quartz pieces exhibit unusual characteristics, and are prized the world over for their clarity, and their structure, which isn’t the typical wand style crystals, but rather very flat, broad surface facets. Free from any matrix, these are crystals in their purest, most natural form, untreated, uncut, perfect.

Due to the nature of raw stones, the quartz crystal will not be exactly as pictured.

Our designers at The Mythical Meadow use only the freshest ingredients every day, and although we may altar the ingredients and/or the containers to suit, all our floral creations are equally magical.

Floral pictures are style guides only, and this season, you can leave the details up to us!

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