Succulent and Cactus Plant Care

Succulent and Cactus Plant Care

How to care for Succulents and Cacti

In nature, typically, succulents and cacti grow in extreme conditions, with lots of sunlight, and very few days of rainfall.

Cactus in a Sunny Desert

As the desert is their native habitat, it stands to reason that the sunniest spot in your house is the best place to home these little creatures. South facing windowsills are ideal, but anywhere where there is lots of sunlight will do. If you find your little ones reaching out and getting “leggy”, they could do with more light!

Plants in a Sunny Windowsill
Plants in a Bright Windowsill

Always let them dry out completely between waterings. The worst thing you can do is over-water a cactus or succulent. Having said that, when you do water them, make sure you are very generous! After watering, and giving the soil time to re-hydrate, if there is any water that has drained out and is sitting underneath the pot, definitely discard it. Although they love to get a great big gulp, they easily rot if left sitting in water. If the container that the succulents or cacti are in doesn’t have drainage, be very careful not to over-water!

Seashell Mini Succulent Planter
Seashell Mini Succulent Planter

Often, succulents and cacti are planted with lots of friends, tightly packed in a container. They will be quite happy to grow alongside their companions, but eventually they’ll run out of space, and you will want to give them their own mini desert-scapes. Make sure to use a proper soil, specifically for succulents and cacti, as regular potting soil holds too much moisture for them. Re-planting prickly cacti can be painful if you’re not careful. Gently using a pair of kitchen tongs helps a lot!

Prickly Cactus

We find that each little succulent and cactus has their own personality, and we grow to love each and every one of them! Click here to see if we have any in stock!

Sweet Little Succulent